Our watermelon : Flavor of the Year for the 4th year running

12 March 2024 | News

We’re delighted to announce that our watermelon has won the Flavor of the Year 2024 award for the fourth season running.

Our star fruit of the summer, delicious and refreshing to quench the thirst of young and old alike, has once again won unanimous acclaim, and climbed onto the super podium of Best Gustatory Products.

The product’s overall rating takes into account Taste, of course, but also :

  • Nutritional quality, based on the Nutri-Score.
  • Sustainability commitments, based on the United Nations SDGs.
  • Anteus Fruits’ labels and certifications.
  • Packaging recyclability

Our watermelon is the fruit of sustainable agriculture. It is grown on an exceptional terroir in Morocco. The SAVEIR DE L’ANNÉE 2024 label rewards our passion for work well done and our daily commitment to quality.

Our watermelon is naturally full of vitamins and sweet, juicy, crunchy and thirst-quenching. It will be your healthy, gourmet ally this summer, as watermelon contains very few calories and is bursting with antioxidants, amino acids and potassium.

Enjoy it as an aperitif, dessert or snack, both sweet and savoury. It’ll brighten up your plate all summer long.

Don’t hesitate to suggest it for your aperitifs too. Perfect cut into sticks.

Our delicious AnteusFruits Watermelon “Flavor of the Year 2024” kicks off the summer season. The first pallets will be available from the end of March until the end of summer.

Eat well, live better!