Our products

Fruits and vegetables

ANTEUS FRUITS offers you a range of fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables, harvested and transported according to our strictest procedures. Our taste for excellence guarantees products of a constant quality. Our experience allows us to refine our selection of fruits and vegetables, according to strict specifications, imposed on our suppliers, guaranteeing quality for all our customers.


Our round and vine tomatoes have two origins :

  • Morocco: round tomato packaged in 6 kg boxes and 7 kg trays (from 32 to 22 fruits). Size 6,7,8 and 9.
  • Spain: round tomato packaged in 6 kg boxes and 5 kg cluster tomato (3/4; 5/6 fruits). Size MM (47-57 mm), M (57-67 mm), G (67-82 mm).

Plum cherry tomatoes From Morocco, packaged in all the usual market formats. Varieties: Angelle, Seychelle.



Peppers come in 3 colors: green, red and yellow.

Cube or tray of 1 row of fruits of 5 kg Anteus brand.

Varieties : California Wonder. Grades G, GG. Two origins : Morocco and Spain.


Our zucchinis are packed in 9 kg wooden boxes or 5 kg cartons. Sizes available: 7/14, 14/18, 14/21 and 21/25 cm. Two origins: Morocco and Spain.




Our watermelons have two origins :

  • Morocco: Oval watermelons called “Delta striped”, from our farms in different production areas. Produced from March to the end of July. ANTEUS FRUITS selects its watermelons according to their gustatory qualities: promoted “Flavor of the Year” for the 4th consecutive year, and having obtained an overall score (Taste + Nutri-Score + Siga Index) of 19.84/20 in 2024.
  • Spain: Striped white and black seedless watermelons. Produced from the end of April to the end of August. Sizes 2 to 6. Our watermelons, juicy and crunchy at the same time, sweet and refreshing, intense red flesh, delight the taste buds of young and old!


Our cucumbers are grown in Spain. Size 12 G, 12 M, 12 P, 14 P, naked or wrapped, packed in Anteus boxes as well as Cucumber Industry 10 Kg.



Our broccoli varieties Parthenon and Naxo are grown in southern Spain, with environmentally friendly techniques. Special attention is given throughout the production and handling of the product so that it reaches the consumer with all the natural characteristics of the product. Broccoli is harvested from October to June. Each piece weighs about 500 grams. The broccoli is packed in 6 kg wood or Polystyrene 5 or 6 kg, glazed and covered with a film, to keep all the quality and freshness of the product and get it “from the field to the kitchen” in the shortest time possible.


The pumpkin is a very popular vegetable in our European kitchen. We have decided to integrate it in our production schedule.

It will be marketed from February to the end of March.

Packaged in cardboard boxes, available in several varieties and sizes.



Our eggplants are produced in Spain. They are packaged in 5 kg cubes, brand Anteus, naked or in Flowpack. Size P or M.


Produced in Morocco, our flat beans are packed in microperforated bags to guarantee freshness. Add photo.